Flourish this Summer

Positive Psychology states that several things contribute to well-being but focuses on five core elements that they believe really increase our likelihood to feel good and experience joy. They are positive emotion, engagement, meaning, positive relationships, and accomplishment. The more we engage with others, do the things we like doing such as hiking, swimming, singing, etc., and we become connected to our life’s purpose, the more meaning and positive emotion we’ll experience through those positive relationships. If you want to explore more about wellbeing and authentic happiness I highly recommend you read “Flourish” by Martin, E.P. Seligman. He presents a visionary new understanding of h

Tips and Tricks to Be More Present in Your Life

Last week I was so caught up in my thinking that I missed my exit while I was driving to work. The scary part is that I realized this three exists down the highway on a drive I do almost on a daily basis. I realized I was so worried and consumed by current events in my life that I wasn’t really being present. I questioned myself: “What else did I miss?” I realized I didn’t have much recollection of the conversation I had with my husband and children during breakfast that morning or saying good bye to my son at drop off. A sense of sadness washed over me. I was disconnected. I was away, trapped in my head and operating in automatic pilot. You probably can relate to that experience because mos

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