Are your thoughts helpful or Hurtful?

The quality of our thoughts determines the way we feel and act. While everyone experience anxiety from time to time, some of us feel it more often, more deeply and tend to become really overwhelmed by it. Although genetics, brain chemistry, and life events play a role in the levels of anxiety we experience, our personality style and the way we perceive events in our life is what we can actually control and change. This post is intended to provide some ideas on how to lower your anxiety level by changing the way you think. Start by describing a recent situation in which you experienced anxiety, try to remember what you were thinking in that moment that caused your anxiety. If your thought pro

Avoid the FAT Chat this Summer and Embrace the Summer FUN!

Often times we hear other woman (and men) make negative comments about their bodies, saying things like “I’m so fat”, “I have gained so much weight I look like a caw”, or “I know I look disgusting in this… I feel so fat.” These comments can make us very uncomfortable and at least I know I struggle on how to respond. Do I tell them they look just right?, Do I tell them they shouldn’t be saying that and be grateful they are healthy enough to wear a bathing suit and enjoy the beach?, Do they expect me to say something like “No, you look beautiful!”? I find those conversations very uncomfortable, unhealthy and unproductive, especially when my daughter is around. As much as I want to protect her

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