Back to School Jitters and When to Seek Counseling for Your Child

The weeks before and after starting a new school year can be very difficult for some children who struggle with anxiety or have experienced traumatic situations at school such as being bullied, and most recently, dealing with safety precautions in case there’s a school shooting! Other circumstances that can increase anxiety in children may be connected to changing schools, starting a new school, and feeling pressured to perform in a certain way socially and academically. Anxiety can also be escalated when changes have taken place at home right before school starts such as parents separating, going through a financial struggle, or losing a family member. Some kids and teens who struggle with

To Raise a Kind, Compassionate Kid, Be a Kind and Compassionate Parent

Being a parent is a role that can bring up intense emotions. You can experience great joy, pride, and happiness as well as fear, frustration, and self-doubt. There’s never a dull moment in a parent’s life! Children don’t come with instructions on how to raise them as you embark the journey of nurturing and guiding your child through life. You will have to lean into your own experience growing up with your parents, read about how to raise a child, be vulnerable and ask friends and family members how they deal with certain situations and behaviors, but there will be times that you will feel lost as a parent. Using the present moment and the dynamic you have with your child will offer informati

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