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Our minds think that’s what they do, but not everything we think is necessarily true. We interpret the information that we receive through our five senses to make sense of the world we live in and create actions that help us thrive. When we interpret information we give meaning to people, experiences, and things and that becomes our reality, our truth but our interpretations are not really “the truth”. They are just that: interpretations of the facts. Facts have actual existence and happen in real time; they are measurable and provide information that can be used as evidence. Facts are not tainted by our perception. Let me give you an example of the difference between fact and interpretation: “Sarah had lunch with Lisa and they talked about Sarah’s relationship with Mike”. That’s a fact. It’s concrete and I can corroborate that they talked about the relationship at lunch. An interpretation would be “Sarah is very unhappy in her relationship!” This might be true but it’s not a fact.

So w...

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