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There’s no excuse to neglect your well-being and balance. Technology has become an important part of our lives and there are literally thousands of apps that can boost your mood and support your journey of living a healthier and meaningful life. From yoga apps to those providing relaxing music, ocean sounds, sleep hygiene, memory and brain training, goal setting, purpose-built, stress and anxiety relievers, to meditation and mindfulness, but there are a few FREE apps that I particularly like and want to share with you.

Recovery Record. This is an app for individuals working on their eating disorder recovery. It’s a personalized tool to log meals and share them with their treatment team. They are also reminded of coping tools and clinicians can see the information they logged in and provide feedback. This app is easy to use at any stage of recovery. What I also like is that its secure and reliable, offers data that can be used to modify treatment plans and provides a way for individuals...

The recent tragedy experienced by students, teachers and families in the Parkland area got me thinking about the ways we teach kids to be safe and how these important conversations can escalate their anxiety. Kids and teens need to know that they are safe and protected. Sadly, we can’t guarantee that, but we can let them know that having conversations about how to be safe and knowing what to do in case of an emergency can help them know how to react if there’s a dangerous situation.

I suggest you start by asking your children what they know about being safe and build from there. Schools have strong safety plans and perform regular drills, and teachers also have safety protocols in place in case of an emergency, but you also want to make sure that they are familiar with the “family protocol”: who to call in case of an emergency and what to do if they are separate from their family when the emergency occurs. You also may want to go over the "do’s and don’ts" and define some rules about ho...

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