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A vision board is a powerful tool that helps you stay connected to your goals and personal values, visualize them, and have a concrete plan for your future and what you want to see in it.  By reminding yourself of your goals you boost your mood and direct your energy with intention and hope.

Without a doubt, it is the visual aspect of the vision board what acts as an anchor to your dreams and aligns your energy into manifesting them. Why is this? It’s very simple: You’re activating a feeling and feelings are much stronger than thoughts. Also when we experience a feeling we tend to attract more of it. For example, if you’re feeling loving, you will attract love! People will see it, feel it and respond to it. The same will happen if you’re feeling angry! What we focus on EXPANDS so you want to be intentional with your thoughts and feelings, and empower those you really want to feel.

To complete your vision board, you’ll need:

  • Newspaper cutouts

  • Magazine cutouts

  • Images/Quot...

This is the time of the year when families get together and there are many feelings that can arise from those encounters! I know, I also have a family! Whether it's a chocolate cake, a bag of chips, or a pint of cookies and cream ice cream, most of us have that one food we tend to gravitate towards when we're stressed or mindlessly eating when we're bored or anxious. The good news is that mindfully eating can help you recognize the feelings behind your behaviors around food and help you stay present with your food.  

Mindful eating is the ability to put down your joggling balls and stay focused on one task: eating your food! When you embrace monotasking as a way to stay present, you become more aware about your fullness and hunger levels as well as the way you connect with food, really paying attention to what your body needs or your intention when you’re eating. Healthy eating and mindfulness encourages you to be present with your senses, your food, and your body, and be less judgmen...

The end of the year prompts us to reflect on what we have experienced and state new goals to start the year. Here are 3 concepts that can help you embrace new beginnings with an open heart!

  1. Radical acceptance can be seen as the pathway to change. When we are able to see people, situations, and experiences as they are, without tainting them with our own perception and judgements, we are able to deal in more effective ways with the reality of our lives. Radical acceptance is about accepting life on life’s terms and not resisting what you cannot or choose not to change.

  2. Self-compassion directs the ability to direct understanding, acceptance, and love inward and embrace your feelings with acceptance and clarity. As we cultivate self-compassion, we become more comfortable with our distress and can lean into the feelings, not wanting to escape them or change them, but really embracing them and becoming our best ally. If you compassionately validate your own emotions, you can remind y...

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