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I love writing. I have been featured on The Renfrew Center Connections newsletter, and on Gente Today, Latina Magazine, Recovery Guide and Discovery Mujer discussing the struggles behind eating disorders and emotional eating as well as on the process of addictions and recovery. I also enjoy writing occassional blog posts!


I have been featured on WBWP-LD television and MundoFox raising awareness on eating disorders and the importance of early intervention and multidisciplinary treatment. Below you can listen to an interview in Spanish for the show "Hoy por Hoy - Caracol Radio" discussing body image and encouraging people to participate in a 28 day positive body image challenge I hold every year around the summer time.

Commit and Act

During the past 5 years I have been an active member of Commit and Act raising money to provide education on Acceptance and Commitment therapy to counselors and leaders in areas of conflict. This organization's primary work right now is in Sierra Leone, Africa, where we have trained thousands of professionals in the areas of education, psychology and mental health counseling to work with people that have experienced trauma due to violence. Through our counseling center we provide training workshops, education and counseling.


I'm active in research on the prevalence and treatment of eating disorders in Colombia and have presented at the Academy  for Eating Disorders in Salzburg, Austria in 2010 and at the ACA European Branch (2011) in Frankfurt, Germany. If you want to learn more about these studies please click below.

Iaedp South Florida

Since March, 2016 I have been acting as the treasurer at the Iaedp South Florida Chapter. Iaedp is an organization created to empower eating disorder professionals and provide the highest quality training and education. For more information, please contact me directly at or call me at 561.305.2497.

Strolls for Well Being at Morikami

I am one of the facilitators of the therapeutic walks at Morikami which in partnership with the Astellas USA Foundation, hosts a full year of visits to the gardens for participants to leisurely stroll the garden and enjoy its peace and serenity. Research has shown that the simple act of walking in a natural environment or garden setting has positive effects on mood and outlook in individuals. The therapeutic walking program at Morikami is intended to provide a peaceful experience in a nurturing environment that promotes well-being and resilience in the face of adversity. I highly recommend this FREE resource to anyone wanting to heal, grow and practice mindfulness and self-reflection. For more information contact me directly at

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