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Individual Therapy

Therapy can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress in children, teenagers and adults. It also helps to increase understanding of your internal world: thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are connected to your current experience. Everyone goes through difficult situations in life and it is important to know when to seek additional support. Therapy can help you decrease feelings of anxiety, sadness and stress while enhancing peace and balance to achieve your goals and a sense of well-being.

EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

When a painful or upsetting experience happens, the memory of the experience sometimes stays “stuck” in the body and mind causing upsetting emotions. Over time, the event may manifest in disturbing and invasive ways such as intrusive thoughts and memories or overwhelming anxiety and flashbacks. EMDR seems to have a direct effect on the way that the brain processes information. Normal information processing is resumed and stored in a different way in the brain, so following a successful EMDR session, you no longer relive the images, sounds, and feelings associated to the traumatic event.  You still remember the event, but it is less upsetting, giving you a sense of relief and hope. Read more about EMDR by clicking on the image.

Therapy for Teens

Adolescence can be a time of both confusion and discovery. Through art, hands on activities and experiential exercises, teens can start to think differently about situations they are experiencing, such as the loss of a friend, dealing with a medical condition, academic stress, bullying, difficult family dynamics and overwhelming emotions. Counseling can help teens feel better and understand themselves better! It also helps teens know how their their actions, feelings, and thoughts affect their lives and learn ways to cope with difficult emotions. Therapy can help teens be more assertive and make better decisions, develop their own identity and feel more confident and empowered.


Through playtherapy and art therapy kids and teens find a healthy outlet to express overwhelming emotions that might be contributing to poor academic performance, misbehavior and isolation. I provide therapy for OCD, social and generalized anxiety, ADHD/ADHD skill training, ODD, depression, self-harm behaviors, early onset of eating disorders and substance abuse. Through learning healthy ways of coping and expressing themselves kids and teens develop a greater sense of connection and self-esteem.


Parenting sessions will help you gain a better understanding of your child's behaviors and will provide you with the skills you need to parent your child in a more effective, authentic and connected way. We will address the current concerns that led you to seek therapy for your child and  you will feel more confident to manage your child's feelings and behaviors at home.


Couples and Family Therapy

A happy and healthy couple is the foundation for a happy and healthy family. Couples and family therapy can help uncover the love that's hidden under layers of miscommunication and misunderstandings developing a new way of relating to each other and connecting in a deeper, more meaningful way. When one of the family members suffer it impacts the rest of the family. Family members can become depressed or overanxious, or walk away from the problems, all which impact the person who is struggling and their care. When a family member heals it also impacts the whole family.

Lyfestyle Sessions

Are you tired of setting goals and feeling like you can't achieve them? Through therapy you can create a deeper commitment to yourself and get the much needed encouragement and accountability you need to stay focused. Psychotherapy can help with skills to get through difficult times, improve and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, uncover your true potential, find your purpose and improve your self-esteem and confidence. Don't miss a great opportunity to get to know yourself better and tap into your true self!

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