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What clients say about Carolina...


Carolina has a great way of connecting to parents and children and helping with situations.  She’s very calm, a good communicator, has a great presence and she is responsive to questions in between sessions.  Our daughter recently hit adolescence, and our sweet child started being rude, defiant and acting out.  Carolina has connected with our 12 year old daughter and helped us with communications, setting boundaries, and creating consequences for actions that create positive changes.  Carolina was recommended to me by two friends and I recommend her for any parenting issues or issues your child may be experiencing."

- (Client's Mom)

"Thank you for working with me when I had to change my schedule. I really appreciate it. You have been not only kind and understanding but also very helpful throughout my divorce."

- (Client)

"My wife and I decided to get support from a therapist in order to learn how to manage the feelings that arose from completing the necessary steps involved with doing an international adoption. Meeting with Carolina for the first time was a very positive experience. She was calm and not only able to understand our feelings but she also helped us to realize that we needed help and preparation on how to be the best possible parents to our children once we welcomed them. Carolina guided us throughout the process and helped us get to know our kids using the limited information provided by the agencies. She helped us prepare the first packet we sent to our kids that included a soft blanket impregnated with our perfume and an album with selected pictures that expressed not only our values but also how happy we were to have them as part of our family.  Months later, the day we received our kids my wife and I were able to connect the reason for Carolina’s recommendations. Our kids were able to recognize our smell (they slept with the blankets) and recognized us as soon as they saw us, calling us ”mom and dad”. Having support from Carolina made the process easier and helped my wife and I be prepared to become the happy family we are today."

- (Couple)

"We feel very blessed and fortunate to have been referred to Carolina to be a therapist for our daughter. Carolina is exceptionally well trained in dealing with teenagers and young adults. She was very communicative and professional when dealing with the issues that needed to be addressed. In addition, she was always very willing to seek out others to help us such as referring a nutritionist to help our daughter. We are very grateful for all the support and assistance Carolina has given our family and the support she continues to give us for our daughter's well being."

- (Parents)

Carolina is absolutely amazing. She has helped me overcome major obstacles in my life! I didn't expect to see results in myself as quickly as I did. I'm really happy I had the guts to ask for help!"

- (Client)

Thank you once again for all your help to us. We've learned a lot in your sessions and we will continue to use the advice and the skills thought in therapy as we move on in our journey."

- (Client)

"I wanted to THANK YOU!  You did a phenomenal job with my daughter. I will never forget how deep and urgent our need for help was and how quickly you began supporting us. The skills you taught her remain with her. She is doing great!  Her ability to articulate her feelings/emotions/boundaries/needs far surpasses most adults!  She gets anxious/upset sometimes still but she is able to rely on the skills you taught her to help her work through everything. I have no idea who she would be without having had you in her life but I know her strong emotional character is a testament to the good work you do!  I am so grateful for the time she spent with you and the support you provided her/us! I just wanted you to know you make a huge positive difference in your patients’ lives and I think of you regularly when I think about how proud I am of the human she is because I know you contributed to who she is in such a positive way. THANK YOU!"

- (Client's Mom)

"Excellent Job on my Immigration report. Thank you!"

- (Client)

"Over the course of my career I have seen many therapists do everything they possibly can to avoid getting involved in family court cases where their assistance is greatly needed. I so admire the professional courage you have shown in this case and your determination to do the right thing for your client.  Thank you for your amazing work!!! 

- (Attorney)

"Thank you Carolina for everything. You have been invaluable during this crisis . Thank for for truly caring, and not just doing it as it is your job. It makes all the difference."

- (Client's Mom)

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