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Substance Abuse Evaluation


Have you ever felt you needed to cut down on your drinking or noticed that your substance use has increased and become unmanageable? Do you feel guilty and annoyed when others point out your drinking or using? Is your drinking and/or substance abuse leading to relationship conflict, financial struggle, poor physical and emotional health, or legal consequences? If your answer to any of these questions is YES, it's time to get a substance abuse evaluation that can determine the extent of the problem and show you the path to sobriety. 

A substance abuse evaluation determines where you are at when you are struggling with addiction. Additionally, it can identify any co-occurring issues, such as a mental health disorder (i.e. depression, anxiety, trauma) or physical health (i.e. chronic pain). A substance abuse evaluation is necessary to understand your addiction and begin the healing process. However, sometimes the negative consequences of your addiction are the ones that lead to the path of recovery. A court-ordered evaluation will provide a detailed report based on a clinical interview and assessment of the client as well as clinical recommendations for a specific treatment program depending on your personal needs. I will communicate with your attorney to ensure that the report provided is in compliance with court expectations.

For more information about substance abuse evaluations and counseling for addictions, please contact me directly at 561.305.2497 or email me at I will provide a FREE 20 minute phone consultation to answer your questions !

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