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Corona Virus Countdown and Time Capsule

This is a very challenging time for all of us. No-one prepared us for a global pandemic but here we are, trying to figure things out as we move forward together. I created a "Corona Virus Time Capsule" to help families process the time we are living in and keep their memories of this time to look at later (even show your grandchildren!). It can be a fun activity to do as a family as we spend time in quarantine. I highly encourage you to print out the worksheets and put them in a box or bottle. You can also collect items that can be put in the time capsule to enhance the experience. Items can be newspapers cut outs, photos, wrappers from favorite snacks, a facemask or glove, a printout of your playlist with your favorite songs, etc. Make it really fun!

I also encourage you to talk as a family about possible people you can show this time capsule to in a few years. Ask each member of your family to share what they think would be their reaction when they see it and how they think they would feel when they share it.

My hope with this activity is to bring families together during this very difficult time and help them talk about this experience from multiple perspectives which ultimately creates a sense of gratitude and resilience. These are two important factors in the process of healing, personal growth, and positive mental health.

I wish you much love and health during this trying time.

To receive your FREE Corona Virus Time Capsule, please click on the PDF link below or email me at

C19 time capsule 2
Download PDF • 2.86MB


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