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Strategies to Get More Done in a Day During the Quarantine

You don't have to be productive during the quarantine. Trying to do everything right now might seems impossible and overwhelming. We are dealing with a lot. Changing roles at home trying to meet work deadlines, cooking meals, and homeschooling children is exhausting. I get it. But there are things that you can do to get yourself more organized with your time and maintain a good balance, feeling effective and grounded. 

If you are a student or a professional struggling to find time to accomplish your daily goals during this self-quarantine, you may benefit from these simple strategies to organize your time and reach your daily goals.


  • Don’t over plan your day. Stay within a 24 hour period: One day at the time that’s how we live fully and how we can cope with all of what we have on our plates right now.

  • Prioritize your time. Ask yourself: What’s important to me? Set realistic goals and state a written intention for that goal. What is that that you want to accomplish and why is it important for you to achieve it? Remember that “where intention goes, energy flows”.

  • Break down your goals into realistic and specific tasks. Make your tasks and goals meaningful and eliminate tasks you never plan to do. Be honest!

  • Estimate the amount of time you think it will take you to complete a task. Then increase the amount by 100%. Ask yourself “where do I start first?” Create a plan!

  • Make a comprehensive list of the things you need to do and plan study/work time during your day allowing yourself pauses to rest and recharge as well as rewards.

  • Do the most important tasks first and the least important tasks last.

  • Finish what you start; don’t jump from one assignment/task to another.

  • Allow a quiet hour in your day, a block of uninterrupted time for important tasks.

  • Determine the deadlines of ALL tasks and plan your time according to urgency.

  • Don’t overload your day because there is always another day ahead. Be realistic about what you can truly accomplish and remember that your personal worth is not connected to what you do or how many things you can accomplish. Find satisfaction in doing your best:These are difficult times... Strive for excellence not perfection.

  • Be sure to leave room for the unexpected and for interruptions and allow yourself breaks in between the course of your day.

  • Update your schedule regularly and make adjustments to your schedule for any uncompleted tasks from the previous day.

  • Have compassion toward yourself if things are incomplete. Tomorrow will be another day.

  • End your day with something rewarding!

Managing your time during the current pandemic can be challenging. Don't give yourself a hard time if things don't get done. Get your priorities straight and try to make the best out of this difficult time. Please download a FREE time management workbook I created for you. I hope it helps! For more information about my services, please contact me directly at 561.305.2497 or email me at I will provide a FREE phone consultation!

To get your FREE time management workbook, please copy and paste the link below:


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