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Fear of Missing Out?

For years I have been scared of missing out on things, feeling at times that what I do or who I am was not enough that “I should be doing more”. This led to anxiety, exhaustion and burn out. In a society that overloads us with information and choices, it’s difficult to stay committed to our decisions and we often struggle with the feeling that something better is out there. I heard this also from so many clients, especially the younger ones who stated that anxiety overwhelms them when they go on social media and see what their friends are doing or go to the store to see that the latest product they bought was replaced for an even newer one. I could relate to their feeling that who they are, what they do and what they have is not good enough. For many clients this struggle also became a source of depression and negative self-esteem which impacted their relationships and ability to enjoy the present moment as it is.

If you can also relate to the fear of missing out, please find below some of the thoughts I have identified as helpful to cope with our overstimulated society and enjoy who I am today, what I’m doing now and what I have right in this moment!

  • Remind yourself daily that who you are is enough and what you’re doing is enough. This is key to achieve freedom from fear of missing out and the anxiety that is connected to it.

  • Remind yourself that nobody’s life is perfect and “drama free”, even if it looks like that from the outside or on social media. You don’t know what’s really happening in their lives, pictures can be altered to show a different type of reality.

  • Learn to decide what’s best for you and only you. This means that you have to say no to some things in order to say YES to other things that are aligned with your values and what’s important to you. What others do might be right for them but not necessarily for you.

  • Be present in your life. YES! Right here, right now! Don’t miss out on what’s in front of you for fear of missing out on what other people are doing. This moment is enough!

  • Let go of comparisons that increase your anxiety and make you feel small. Instead, focus on your strengths, what you have to offer, and what you want to create.

  • Make time to RELAX, enjoy and appreciate what you do have! Gratitude is key to getting more of what you want!

Now go out there and show up fully, the only thing that you’re missing out is this precious moment!

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