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Create a Vision Board and Stay Focused on Your New Year’s Resolutions

A vision board or dream board is a fantastic tool used to help clarify your goals and focus your energy into achieving them. Remember “where attention goes, energy flows”. On a vision board you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life. The goal by creating a vision board is to remind yourself of your goals on the business of life and distractions. Creating and using vision boards helps you to:

  • Identify your goals and establish a clear vision of how you want your life to be

  • Keep your attention on your intentions

  • Connect to a bigger sense of purpose

There are vision board software and apps you can use to display your vision board on your computer screen and phone but the traditional vision board can be really fun to make and you can display it in your home or office. You will need a poster board, old magazines and catalogues, scissors, glue and a marker. I also like to add a picture of myself fin the middle to remind myself that I'm the creator of my own destiny!


  1. Identify your goals and establish a clear vision of how you want your life to be. First, think about what your goals for this year are in the following areas: relationships, career and finances, home, travel, health and personal growth (including spirituality, social life, and education). You don’t have to cover each area exactly the same, you might want to achieve more things in one area than another. Identify how you want each of those areas to look like in your life and find a picture that represents it.

  2. Keep your attention on your intentions. Be clear about what you want and ask yourself why that is important to you. You can journal about it to become clearer about your intentions. The universe needs you to be specific. If you want to “be healthier” clarify what that means to you. You can find pictures of someone exercising, eating healthy foods, sleeping comfortably. You can also find quotes and positive affirmations that speak to you and will help you stay true to your intention.

  3. Connect to a bigger sense of purpose. Paste your pictures, quotes, and affirmations on a poster board and display it where you can see it daily. A vision board is a great tool to explore our dreams and sense of purpose. Take an extra step by sharing it with someone you trust.

When doing a vision board try to follow your heart and disconnect from your mind. The pictures you choose are the right ones for you. There's not a right/wrong way to do it! Find pictures of anything that inspires and motivates you. The purpose of your vision board is to bring everything on it to life so take your time connecting to what you want and explore your limiting beliefs and excuses, fears and hesitations. Counseling can certainly help you uncover the barriers to achieve your dreams and connect to a more positive outlook.


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