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Practicing Gratitude

The benefits of practicing gratitude can’t be described but only experienced. They are nearly endless and provide a sense of wellbeing, manifesting more of what we are grateful for. People who regularly practice gratitude by making time to notice the people and experiences they are thankful for, develop the healthy habit of being more present and the ability to find joy in the small moments life presents us.

By creating a practice of reflecting upon the things we are thankful for, we experience more positive emotions, feel more alive and connected, we tend to sleep and eat better, express more compassion and kindness towards ourselves and others and even find more humor in the challenges we encounter. This attitude tends to boost our immune system and mental health. It protects us against anxiety and depression as well as decreases the tendency to use unhealthy coping mechanisms like drinking and using drugs, emotionally eat or even engaging in drama. Gratitude makes us more appreciative of what we already have and less frustrated by what we are missing in life.

Gratitude doesn't need to be reserved only for special occasions like Thanksgiving or when we accomplish something, get a promotion or get a gift. It certainly can’t be only practiced when we “almost lose” someone or something important in life. Keeping a gratitude practice like a gratitude journal or a gratitude jar can help us to be connected to what we value in life and increase life-satisfaction. Start today and teach your children. We need happier, grateful people in our world!

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