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Stay Calm and Ride the Waves of the Storms in your Life

When storms approach we often fell anxious and stressed out about what it’s going to happen. The loud thunder, lighting, the strong winds and heavy rains are signs of danger that tend to escalate our anxiety. We prepare by getting enough supplies for a week and protecting our houses with shutters. Other storms are the ones that involve conflict and high levels of charged communication. During those storms we might protect ourselves with walls that keep us safe but isolated. In that place of loneliness and disconnection feelings of sadness and anger might grow and make us depressed and anxious. Internal storms are born in those moments of uncertainty and sense of chaos debilitating us and making us feel weak and confused. In those moments it’s difficult to stay calm and present to what we really need. In this blog post you will find a few ways to find peace when you face a storm:

  1. Take a time out of the situation and take some perspective. Zoom out and try to see the whole picture by exploring other thoughts about the situation.

  2. Take some time to practice self-care and take a few deep breaths, connect to the present moment and allow some space to deescalate some of the feelings you’re having.

  3. Feelings, unlike thoughts, involve body reactions and sometimes very uncomfortable sensations. Pay attention to where the feeling is located in your body and name the feeling. You can place your hand where you feel the emotion and bring some loving kindness to that part of yourself that is so uncomfortable.

  4. Feelings don’t come out of the blue. They are influenced by the way we think and the perspective we have on the situation. Try other ways to interpret the situation and brainstorm ideas on how to problem-solve.

  5. Instead of acting on your feelings due to the stress of the situation try to express them in assertive ways by talking about the way you feel without judging yourself or the other person.

Storms can be really overwhelming. Meditation often teaches how to allow the thoughts behind feelings to dissolve. Keeping a regular practice of at least 10 minutes of meditation daily contributes to positive mental health, wellbeing and the ability to find peace during times of storms.

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