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Ways Technology Can Support Your Journey of Well Being

There’s no excuse to neglect your well-being and balance. Technology has become an important part of our lives and there are literally thousands of apps that can boost your mood and support your journey of living a healthier and meaningful life. From yoga apps to those providing relaxing music, ocean sounds, sleep hygiene, memory and brain training, goal setting, purpose-built, stress and anxiety relievers, to meditation and mindfulness, but there are a few FREE apps that I particularly like and want to share with you.

Recovery Record. This is an app for individuals working on their eating disorder recovery. It’s a personalized tool to log meals and share them with their treatment team. They are also reminded of coping tools and clinicians can see the information they logged in and provide feedback. This app is easy to use at any stage of recovery. What I also like is that its secure and reliable, offers data that can be used to modify treatment plans and provides a way for individuals to track their progress.

Rise Up. This app is perfect for individuals struggling with food, dieting, exercise and body image. It uses CBT and provides self-monitoring homework in addition to logging meals, emotions and behaviors. You can also export PDF summaries of your Meal Log and Check-Ins to share with your treatment team.

Calm App. This app offers music, guided relaxation, and classes for people who struggle with anxiety and insomnia. Through meditation and mindfulness, Calm offers guided meditation sessions that you can do in 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes. Some of my favorites are: managing stress, gratitude, body scan, loving-kindness, forgiveness, and walking meditation. Calm Kids can help children develop internal resources to decrease anxiety, stress, and depression.

Dbt911. This app helps individuals who struggle with self-harm and personality disorders by offering a random distress tolerance skill they can use when they need it. Through mindfulness, emotional control, and distress tolerance skills they can learn ways to manage their emotions and relationships. This app offers over 150 different suggestions on skill exercises, modules and tutorials. You can also personalize it, create your own crisis list and find validation through a module that was recently created. Dbt911 is available in various languages.

Bliss. This is an app that connects you with the power of gratitude and rewires your brain for positivity. Individuals who have used this app reported increased happiness, motivation and effectiveness. This app is very simple and easy to use. It also helps with perfectionism and all/nothing thinking by providing opportunities to pause and reflect, take some perspective and be grateful for you already have.

Relaxation One - Break Breathe and Relax. Relaxation one is a mindfulness app with schedulers and alarms that remind you take a break, breathe and relax. It helps you to practice breathing techniques that are important to decrease stress, anxiety, impulsivity and control anger.

Stop, Breathe & Think. This app also helps to check in with your emotions, and recommends short guided meditations you can do to self-regulate and relax. It also offers yoga and acupressure videos, meditation and mindfulness exercises.

Self-help Anxiety Management. SAM is a friendly app that offers a range of self-help methods for people who are working on learning how to deal with anxiety. This app is engaging, flexible, and a practical resource. It offers self-monitoring logs to track your anxiety, external links, and information about anxiety, how thoughts impact your levels of anxiety, and provides tools for physical and mental relaxation.

Moodpath. This app is an interactive two-week depression and anxiety screening app that helps you track your emotional and physical wellbeing. It generates a personalized mental health assessment that you can discuss with your therapist.

Sober Time. This is a sobriety counter and recovery tracker that allows you to track different addictions. It sends you daily motivational messages to support your journey of sobriety and helps you set goals and share your progress.

Online Therapy. This is a great, convenient and discrete way of receiving therapy from the comfort of your own home or office. You can access experts who might not practice near you and adjust easily your appointments to your already busy schedule. Click the link below to learn more about how online therapy works.

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